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Media Plot Information of VirtuaCube

You have the opportunity through VirtuaCube, to write a plot for FIlms, Animation, Games which is not available at the current moment or edit an existing one. Any new or edited media plot will be checked first for accuracy reasons and if everything is in order, you will see it posted at some time later.

We take very seriously the security of your personal data, by default only your username will be mentioned as contributor. In a case, you want your personal data to be erased from our list, email us by clicking at

We recommend you not to copy paste an existing plot from another source, we can do it ourselves this way if we like, but we will not. We inspire you to become creative, use your skills and talents, be confident to yourself and send us your personal signature traits in every plot.

Another matter you need to consider wisely, is to save temporary the plot somewhere in your computer or anything directly accessible, until you receive a confirmation email of your data.